Terms and Conditions

Article 1 Definitions 

  1. The term “Model NATO Germany” shall henceforth refer to the Model NATO Germany conference held in Berlin, organised by the Model NATO Germany Secretariat. 
  2. The term “Organisational Committee” represents the main organising body of the Model NATO Germany conference. 
  3. The term “NATO” shall henceforth refer to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, except when used as stated in Article 1, Paragraph 1. 
  4. The “Participants” are those who have successfully enrolled in the conference through the website, as provided in Article 4. 
  5. The “Parties” shall refer to Model NATO Germany and its respective participants.  
  6. The “Terms” refer to this accord, concluded between the parties.  

Article 2 Scope of Terms 

The parties understand that it is of utmost importance that the following rules and procedures are applied and adhered to by everyone in order to create a professional atmosphere and a successful conference. 

Article 3 General remarks 

The Terms and Conditions apply to all affairs between the “Model NATO Germany organizing Committee” (hereinafter “Model NATO Germany”) and the participants of the Model NATO Germany 2023 conference. An application to the conference implies these Terms and Conditions have been accepted. The participant shall not be admitted to the conference should these Terms and Conditions not be accepted. Other documents may be required to be accepted in order to participate in the conference upon request by Model NATO Germany. 

Article 4 Contractual relationship 

Model NATO Germany will act as organizing committee of a Model NATO conference in Berlin. It will provide a structure for the conference, allowing the participants to simulate certain committees and procedures of NATO. The precise scope of the conference is to be found on the website: www.modelnatogermany.de. In exchange for the price specified in Article 11, participants will be able to take part in the simulation, within the framework of the conference, at debates and in roles as assigned to them by Model NATO Germany. For further details on the allocation procedure, please refer to Article 7

Article 5 Liability 

Model NATO Germany will not be held responsible for the behaviour of its participants. Participants are accountable for their own actions and behaviour. Model NATO Germany is not liable for the consequences that arise from participants’ misconduct. 

Article 6 Registration 

Registrations are only possible through the official Model NATO Germany website as stated in Article 4 and the linked application form. 

During registration, participants will be divided into three different groups, “Head Delegate” or “Delegate”.  Delegates and Head Delegates have the right to participate in the affairs and debates of the committee of their allocation. 

Article 7 Eligibility 

Model NATO Germany is a university-level conference. Therefore, only university-level students are eligible to participate as “Delegates” or “Head Delegates” in the conference. 

Article 8 Allocation 

Allocation of the participants shall not take place before the participant has been accepted by Model NATO Germany. Model NATO Germany will allocate delegates based on merit and assessed with a content-based assessment, integrated into the registration process.  

Article 9 Conduct 

Model NATO Germany is an international conference and welcomes participants from all member states of the NATO. To create a productive, energetic and friendly atmosphere, certain rules of conduct must be followed.  

a.      The official language of the conference is English.  

b.       Respect towards other participants is an essential element of all participants behaviour. Disrespect, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Anti-Semitism or Discrimination based on other religions, Hate speech, Misogyny or other offending remarks will not be tolerated and will lead to the offender being automatically exonerated from all academic and social activities of the conference as well as being disqualified from receiving any certificates or awards. Depending on the severity of the offence, Model NATO Germany reserves the right to report the person and their offence to the respective University and, where applicable, to the local authorities. 

c.      Should these rules of conduct be violated; Model NATO Germany reserves the right to sanction the participants in accordance with Article 11

Article 10 Decorum 

To ensure the proper functioning and maintain the standard of Model NATO Germany, the Rules of Procedure have to be followed by all participants at all times. 

If participants do not adhere to the agreed Terms, Model NATO Germany reserves the right to Sanction the participants in accordance with Article 11

Article 11 Sanctions 

Model NATO Germany reserves the right to reject applications, revoke certificates, and expel participants from the conference or social events for any reason.  

Should participants fail to meet an attendance of 70% at the conference, Model NATO Germany reserves the right to revoke the certificate. 

If participates commit any serious offence as stated in Article 9, Model NATO Germany reserves the right to report the person and their offence to the respective University. 


Article 12 Conference Fees 

The attendance of Model NATO Germany will be free of charge for all participants. If a participant fails to attend, commits misconduct or attends less than 50% of the event, Model NATO Germany reserves the right to charge a compensation fee that will be determined later on. 

Article 13 Withdrawal and Refunds 

Both participants and Model NATO Germany reserve the right to withdraw from this contract. This withdrawal may occur in case of cancellation at least four weeks ahead of the conference on behalf of the participant or expulsion in accordance with Article 11 on behalf of the conference.  

Should the participant cancel his attendance later than four weeks of the conference and is not able to provide a substitute, who will take his place, Model NATO Germany reserves the right to charge a compensation fee as stated in Article 12. This does not apply in cases of sudden illness or other factors over which the participant has no influence. 

Participants will not have the right to claim any compensation for the highly unlikely event of the cancellation of the Model NATO Germany. Further, in the highly unlikely event of moving the conference online, Participants will not have the right to claim any compensation for any costs occurred before the announcement of moving the conference online, while still being obliged to abide by the Terms & Conditions and take part in the conference.  

Article 14 Consent to digital recordings 

Participants hereby give their consent to Model NATO Germany to conduct audio-visual recordings or take photographs of them and publish them on its website or social media for the purpose of marketing and advertising. Participants waive and keep waived any present or future claims for compensation or disgorgement of profits from this media or its publication and usage. Digital recordings will not be used in a detrimental way to any participant’s image or person. 

They further give their consent to any and all members of the public press to conduct audio-visual recordings or take photographs of them and publish them in the context of news reporting. 

This article is without prejudice to the rights of the conference participants and obligations of Model NATO Germany organisers as laid down in Article 16, and especially paragraph 1 sub. „e“ of the current Terms and Conditions. 

Article 15 Treatment of personal information 

The participant hereby expresses their consent to the usage of their personal information by Model NATO Germany. The personal information shall be provided by the participant in the registration form via an official and written exchange of communication between the parties. The personal information of the participant shall only be used to the extent that it is technically required for the proper registration to the conference and information exchange among partners. 

Article 16 Information clause for participants of Model NATO Germany

According to Article 13 of the Regulation of the European Parliament and Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing of Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter referred to as GDPR) we inform that: 

a. The Administrator of your personal data provided in the application form is Model NATO Germany Organisational Committee

b. the basis for the processing of your personal data is the contract concluded between the conference organizer and the participant of the conference, based on Article 6 (1) (b) GDPR; 

c. the data will be processed for the settlement and organization of the conference Model NATO Germany 2023, and for the registration and allocation purposes of its participants; 

d. We collect the following personal data from you: your name, email address, home address, nationality, birth date, home university, country of residence & field of study We collect no sensitive data from you in the understanding of Art.9 GDPR.  

e. Model NATO Germany Organisational Committee processes the personal data collected only for the purpose of performing the tasks, appropriate activities and obligations resulting from the organization of the Model NATO Germany 2023, including among others: 

     i.identification of participants of the conference and assigning their allocations for the duration of Model NATO Germany 2023;  

      ii.preparation of conference materials (e.g., appropriate names in the software used during the conference, certificates); 
     iii.settling the conference and handling billing and payments;  

     iv.taking photographs or audio-visual recordings of the committees for documentation and marketing purposes as stated in Article 14

     v.Your data will not be processed in an automated way, including profiling; 

     vi.Your personal data will be kept for the period necessary for the proper implementation and organization of the conference.
     vii. Access to your data is granted only to select members of the Model NATO Germany Organisational Committee and the staff, who are involved in the organization of the event. Where necessary, we may also share your information with our Partners for the purposes of organizing the conference, who also committed to using the data only for the required tasks within the framework of the organisation of the event. 
     viii.You have the right to access your data, to be provided, on request to the administrator, with a copy of the data we hold of you and to request its erasure or rectification and the right not to be subject to a purely automated decision. You may contact us at contact@modelnatogermany.de with your request.
     ix.You also have the right to withdraw your consent at any point and a right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority, if you consider that the processing of your personal data infringes the provisions of the GDPR.  

f.       Providing your personal data is necessary to enter into the contract of participation in the conference Model NATO Germany 2021. Should personal data not be provided, participation in the above-mentioned conference will not be possible. 

Article 17 Expulsion 

The participant acknowledges that the expulsion from the conference, under any of the above conditions, implies the enlistment of the offender in a „Black List“ that will forbid their participation in future editions of the conference and other activities hosted by the Model NATO Germany of the same nature. The expulsion per se is sufficient to enroll someone to the „Black List“, no further explanation is required. The „Black List“ is shared with partners, although not binding on them. 

Article 18 No liability 

This agreement does not entail liability of any kind, for both parties. No damages can be claimed on the basis of this agreement. 

Article 19 Duration 

This agreement will come into force the moment participants complete their application. It shall end six month after the end of the conference.

Article 20 Escape clause 

The Model NATO Germany Organisational Committee retains the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time. These changes will promptly be communicated to participants via email. Participants have a time period of 48 hours to object to the amendments and resign without consequences. 

Article 21 Severability clause 

If a provision of this Agreement is or becomes illegal, unenforceable, or invalid in any jurisdiction, it shall not affect (1) the enforceability or validity in that jurisdiction of any other provision of this Agreement, or (2) the enforceability or validity in other jurisdictions of that or any other provision of this Agreement. 

Model NATO Germany retains the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time. These changes will promptly be communicated to participants via email. 

Article 22 Good Faith 

All obligations set out in this agreement must be performed in good faith by both parties. 

Article 23 Last remarks 

By accepting these terms and conditions, delegates commit themselves to behave appropriately and contribute to a successful conference. 

Article 24 Interpretation of the agreement 

These terms shall be binding upon the respective heirs, executors, trustees, administrators and representatives of the parties. The parties provide that this agreement shall be understood as undertaken on behalf of the respective title for the Secretary General, the Secretariat and privately for the participant. 

Article 25 Court of jurisdiction 

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies to the contractual relationships between Model NATO Germany and the participants. Model NATO Germany reserves the right to report potential criminal offenses to the responsible local authorities.