North Atlantic Council

The North Atlantic Council (NAC) is the main political decision-making body of NATO, consisting of representatives from all thirty member states. During the conference, the Council will be the main executive body to react to crises and try to find resolutions to the revolving issues.

During the conference, the North Atlantic Council representatives will have to find political and military consensus in relation to the crisis, as well as coordinating efforts between all three committees.

NATO Military Committee 

The NATO Military Committee is composed of the member states' Chiefs of Defence. It provides guidance relating to all military matters, including strategy and policy.

The Committee’s principal role is to provide consensus-based advice on military policy and strategy to the North Atlantic Council and direction to NATO’s Strategic Commanders.

The Military Committee will focus on the immediate implementation and military response to the events during the crisis.

Operations Policy Committee

The Operations Policy Committee (OPC) plays a lead role in the development and implementation of operations-related policy. It aims to provide coherent and timely advice to the North Atlantic Council, to which it reports directly. It also seeks to enhance collaboration between the political and military sides of NATO Headquarters.

This committee will focus on the long-term strategy of the Alliance based on the crisis developments.