About Berlin

Berlin is the capital of Germany and the most populous city of the European union. Berlins recent history makes it one of the most interesting cities to explore, offering many different Museums or Memorials, but also diverse city districts and a vibrant night life.


After being divided for over fourty years, Berlin has undergone massive change within the recent years and is now rightfully considered one of the most diverse and interesting cities. Despite the many differences within the city and it's population, they are all united by being Berliner.  


Due to it's long history and political as well as cultural relevance, Berlin is home to over 130 museums and 400 art galleries. 

Nightlife and Festivals

Berlin offers one of the most vibrant nightlife throughout the world. Being the host of the Berlinale, Carnival of Cultures and being home to three opera houses, multiple ballhouses and countless bars, Berlin offers the right experience for anyone visiting.