The Board

Jonathan Ponfick


As a student of international politics and international law, security policy and strategic studies are closest to my heart. Consequently, NATO's relevance and role in our security is apparent to me. Enabeling students to learn about NATO's role and experience its mechanisms first hand is therefore a matter of conviction for me.

Jan Johannsmann

Managing Director

I'm a dedicated generalist with interests in all things that move humans. Currently studying Psychology, Philosophy, Business, and Politics and not believing in confining my areas of study or work. I'm passionate about improving my environment and empowering people around me through meaningful interactions of many kinds. 

Sebastián Aguilar


I am currently studying Political Science at the Technical University of Munich. Outside of MNG, I am also an active participant in Model United Nations (MUN) and enjoy reading novels and philosophy.

Marc Bayerschen


International Relations student, interested in transatlantic relations and security policy in Southeast Asia. In addition to my university duties, I pursue a diverse range of interests, such as martial arts and beekeeping.

Kathrin Fiedler

Registration & Admission

Currently pursuing a Master's degree in political science at the University of Bamberg. My interests lie mostly in global digital and social policy. Generally passionate about connecting people and ideas and creating equal opportunities for all.

Eva Hager

Public Relations

Student of International Relations and Management, currently spending a year abroad and interested in many security-related topics. Besides spending my free time with extracurriculars, I love going for a swim and enjoy the Italian cuisine.