The Board

Jonathan Ponfick


As a student of international politics and international law, security policy and strategic studies are closest to my heart. Consequently, NATO's relevance and role in our security is apparent to me. Enabeling students to learn about NATO's role and experience its mechanisms first hand is therefore a matter of conviction for me.

Lea Konrad


Passionate about all things transatlantic security & NATO in particular. Working and teaching as a research associate at the Justus-Liebig-University Giessen. Currently pursuing a PhD on cyber security in NATO and the EU.”

Frederic Dutke


I am currently working on my bachelor's thesis on Space Security and am particularly excited about interdisciplinary topics between politics and technology. In addition, I am passionate about being out in the dirt or on the water, exploring the great outdoors.

Anne Runhaar

Public Relations

Interested in all things regarding security policy with a special focus on NATO and maritime security, particularly excited when both of these topics align. Currently attempting to learn French and otherwise passionate about photographing and swimming

Jan Johannsmann

Registration & Admission

Dedicated generalist with interests in all things that move humans. Business, Philosophy, and Politics student that doesn't believe in confining his areas of study or work. Passionate about improving his environment and empowering people around him.