Model NATO Germany 2023

The 1st ever Model NATO Germany was a full success - check out the highlights of the conference below or download the full PDF here!

Words from our Chairperson

While Model NATO Germany 2023 was a full success, we are already looking forward to implementing our lessons learned and welcoming you to the 2nd MNG in 2024! The following brochure will give you an overview of the process of bringing MNG 2023 to live as well as the event itself. 

I want to use this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to everyone involved in the 1st Model NATO Germany. First, the event would not have been possible without the volunteers of our amazing team. Second, I want to name our partners, especially the Federal Academy for Security Policy, who made the event possible by providing us a venue. Third, I must thank all participants. 96 participants from 21 nations decided to attend an event that had never taken place before. Their faith in us as well as their dedication resulted in the conference becoming a success.
- Jonathan Ponfick

About the Team

The team behind Model NATO Germany consists of over 20 individuals from various backgrounds, all sharing the common goal of enabling students from different countries to gain insight into the workings of the NATO and gain practical experience by contributing to the Academics, Logistics, Public Relations and Registration & Admission Teams.

The Project

To comprehensively assess the intricate frameworks of global security that significantly impacts individuals worldwide, it is imperative to disseminate knowledge of these structures to a wide array of young scholars. This dissemination serves not only to enhance comprehension of the complex dynamics of international politics but also to empower individuals to actively influence global relations through political engagement.

Moreover, our aim is to afford students the chance to engage in dynamic international discourse in diplomatic roles, fostering the refinement and contemplation of their diplomatic skills.

Model NATO Germany presents a remarkable opportunity for students to engage with driven peers from diverse backgrounds globally, fostering cross-border friendships and intellectual exchange. Model NATO Germany is a four-day simulation that mirrors the essential functions and diplomatic protocols of NATO. Participants take on the role of a NATO member state representatives in one of three designated committees, such as the North Atlantic Council. Through this initiative we seek to provide students with a deeper understanding of NATO's organizational framework and operational procedures.

The Crisis

Disclaimer: This is a fictional scenario for educational purposes only.

Dark clouds are looming over the Western Balkans as Milorad Dodik, president of the Republika Srpska, has called for a referendum on potential secession from Bosnia and Herzegovina, posing a threat to regional peace. Concerns arise about the possibility of a spill-over effect on Northern Kosovo amid a developing civil unrest in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Meanwhile, amidst the mysterious theft of classified documents related to undersea power cables, the NordBalt undersea power cable was damaged. Suspicions point to Russian involvement, given the presence of Russian ghost ships in the area and increased drone activity across the Baltic. Questions linger about Russia's role in the cable's destruction and the identity of those responsible for the intelligence leaks, as well as the true objectives behind the heightened drone surveillance.

The Chairs

Being a crucial part of Model NATO Germany, the chairs oversee the flow of debate around our crisis, maintain order within their respective committee, allocate speaking time, and mediate any conflicts that arise among delegates. Chairs also guide delegates in drafting the different components of the final communique to address the crisis, and ultimately contribute to the overall success and realism of the simulation by maintaining a fair and balanced environment for diplomatic negotiation.

Jan Quosdorf - Ali Dogan
North Atlantic Council

OTL Stefan Pierkes - Maximilian Freundl
Military Committee

Dr. Henning Riecke - Sebastián Aguilar
Committee on Public Diplomacy

What our Participants Say

"This conference has unquestionably enhanced my expertise, fueling my enthusiasm to the fields of security studies and international diplomacy."

- Laura

"To me this week was a unique experience, which provided an interesting insight of the interactions and processes within NATO and it’s Committees."

- Josef

The insightful interactions with fellow participants provided invaluable perspectives, fostering a profound appreciation for the intricate dynamics within NATO. This experience has particularly heightened my interest in the security challenges faced by NATO's Eastern European countries, inspiring a continued dedication to advancing my knowledge in this crucial area.

- Paul

Get Involved!

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You want to participate in the next Model NATO Germany? Stay tuned for the next Call for Applications, which will be published in Q2/Q3 of this year.